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Huge World Maps in less then 100 lines
Friday, 16 July 2010
Tags: [Example] [Perl] [SDL] [Syntax]

Hello folks,
Recently we have been working on making the Perl syntax sugar for SDL in the form of SDLx. So far we have got the SDLx::Surface and SDLx::Sprite (garu++) done. So the first thing we did was throw together a quick Zelda map walker. As you can see above.  The code is at  http://gist.github.com/478440 . The SDL code that this depends on will be SDL 2.503 soonish . We are in the process of cleaning up some more SDLx and Alien::SDL bugs. After that SDLx::App will be overhauled to make this sort of thing even easier. Finally living up to our goal of  'Simple Games Easy. Complex Games Possible.' 
UPDATE: with some help, and newcomer jtpalmer's help we have added Link

--caio yapgh


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