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SDL 2.518 Released: Neverhood Clone
Monday, 04 October 2010
Tags: [EyeCandy] [Perl] [Releases] [SDL]
So Blaizer started a Neverhood clone and fixed a lot of the Controller code to make it work nicely. This has been released as SDL 2.518. It does break back compat a bit, but not too much.
Have a look at http://sdl.perl.org/SDL-Deprecated.html#2_517 to see the breakages.
The documentation for Controller has also been improved considerably.

SDL 2.512 released - Layers Support added
Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Tags: [EyeCandy] [Game] [Releases] [SDL]
The new release of SDL adds Layer support, which means that rendering surfaces by layers is a lot easier. SDL 2.512 has several other changes too. An experimental physics interface and minor fixes. Have a look at the CHANGELOG.
Here is an implementation of the new Layer stuff. Solitaire .


SDL 2.503 Released!
Thursday, 22 July 2010
Tags: [Perl] [Releases] [SDL]
SDL 2.503 has been released on to CPAN. The changes are mostly in the new features added to SDLx::* layer. However as our continuing attempt to improve cross platform support we have some low level fixes.
Most interstingly we have begun work on SDLx::Sprite::Animated. Although, volatile, this addition will be highly anticipated. We look forward for more work on it soon. Additionally are the changes in SDLx::Surface. SDLx::Surface is an attempt to provide gfx, pixels, video and low level surface functions in a combined and simpler interface.
Since SDLx::Sprite and SDLx::App depends on SDLx::Surface, new features will be propagated and the magic amplified! These are exciting times for SDL in Perl. So come join us for great justice on #sdl irc.perl.org or sdl-devel@perl.org .

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