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Getting people to use SDL Perl: Docs, API, and Distribution

The road so far

Things have been busy but fruitful. Our two core modules are getting to be a bit more stable. Alien::SDL 1.405 is behaving well. This foundational stability will start to show results in SDL too I believe. Most excitingly the main developer of frozen-bubble is reviewing our Games::FrozenBubble port to CPAN. All good and well, but to keep this project going we need to improve.

Getting people to use SDL Perl

After a long chat with a new SDL user on #sdl today, I realize we still have some way to go. Currently it seems we are lacking in a few areas. We can definitely use some feedback and help in these areas.

  • Tutorials/Documentation
    • We have more docs now on http://sdl.perl.org but they suck
    • What type of tutorials do you think will be good for beginners?
      • A project start to finish?
      • Individual tutorials for various topics?
      • What needs to go in SDL::CookBook?
  • API sweetness
    • SDL Perl depends on distinct C libraries
      • This makes naming conventions, data formats different the SDL:: namespaces
      • How do people design this stuff?
        • We are hackers and we just go do stuff but I think this needs some prior thought
        • Any takers?
  • Distribution
    • If SDL scripts can be packaged up simply for game developers to distribute their games it will be a big plus
      • One way is a Wx::Perl::Packer clone
      • Another is a CPAN/Steam clone that game devs can upload games too and people can point and click download games? 
If anyone wants to help in these areas please talk to us on sdl-devel@perl.org. 

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