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Huge World Maps in less then 100 lines

Hello folks,

Recently we have been working on making the Perl syntax sugar for SDL in the form of SDLx. So far we have got the SDLx::Surface and SDLx::Sprite (garu++) done. So the first thing we did was throw together a quick Zelda map walker. As you can see above.  The code is at http://gist.github.com/478440. The SDL code that this depends on will be SDL 2.503 soonish . We are in the process of cleaning up some more SDLx and Alien::SDL bugs. After that SDLx::App will be overhauled to make this sort of thing even easier. Finally living up to our goal of  'Simple Games Easy. Complex Games Possible.' 

UPDATE: with some help, and newcomer jtpalmer's help we have added Link

--caio yapgh

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