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Perl+SDL 3D Rendering

Recently we have done a lot of work on the next release of SDL Perl. But it all pays off when I see users do cool things as one of the users has done below. Talon^++! This project is a great example for people wanting to learn 3D from scratch.


This was a project to test how well Perl+SDL performs and does not use OpenGL at all. This is all perl and SDL, with the help of libsdl_gfx for SDL::GFX::Primitives. Texture mapping doesn't use SDL::GFX::Primitives because textured_polygon just takes a surface, tiles it, and clips out the polygon, which doesn't look 3D at all.

Below are some screen shots of this little toy in action. If you'd like to try it yourself, you can download the entire project here. You can rotate the objects with the mouse, or keyboard arrows. Also press shift to toggle shading and space to switch objects.

NOTE: the project is compressed in the .tgz format, if you are a windows user, you may need a tool like 7zip to extract the contents.

Standard Cube:

Standard Cube with Pseudo Shading:

Standard Diamond:

Standard Diamond with Pseudo Shading:

Textured Cube:

Perspectively Correct Textured Cube:

Perspectively Correct Textured Cube with shading:

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