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Grant Progess Reports 1-3: Sept - Nov

As you know I have received a TPF grant to write a SDL Perl Manual.



I have been a bit busy with that and not been able to update my blog. Anyway here are some of the back dated Grant Updates. These updates where also posted on http://news.perlfoundation.org/

REPORT 1: Sept 2010

  • 1st drafts
    • Preface
    • Chapter 2: First SDL Application
  • Started work on Chapter 3: Drawing
  • Outlines for the first 7 chapters have been completed
  • Book build framework has been setup
  • Released SDL 2.514 (2.515 will be released on 16th of September)
    • This code is the one that will be used in the book for chapter 02
  • Got more of the Drawing chapter done (It will be done by the end of the week)
  • Added several more code examples for other chapters
Progress: 2.75 chapters / 11 chapters = approx 25%
Kartik's work can be followed at:

REPORT 2: October 2010

Since last time:
  • We have released SDL 2.518
    • Game Loop support completed
  • 2nd Drafts for:
    • Preface to Game Loop ( Chapter 0 - Chapter 04)
  • Chapters completed: 5/11 => 45%
  • cfedde has made a script to extract code listings for readers to try examples with out having to retype them.
  • I am receiving a lot more help from the community, most notable from cfedde for proofreading.
  • I will be fleshing out the next 6 chapters shortly and work will begin on them soon
  • I am pleased with the progress so far, and I feel the quality is improving due to the pacing.
Our work can be seen at:

REPORT 3: November 2010

This is the progress so far:

- SDL 2.523 Releases:
        - Adds stability and better memory management for the game loop

- 2 chapters have been completed
        - Pong Chapter (Contributed by garu)
        - Additional Modules
- 1 extra chapter has been added
        - Puzz(le) Chapter (Contributed by Blaizer)

- 2 Chapters are in the Works
        - Tetris Code has been mostly done (contributed by FROGGS)
                - Needs to be fixed
                - Needs write up
        - Sound and Music Effects code is done
                - Needs to be fixed
                - Needs write up

Our work can be seen at:


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