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The SDL Perl Game Contest!

Let's get a Party Started

Sure, you know what SDL is, right? Well, SDL has very nice Perl
that let you use the power and flexibility of Perl to write
awesome games in no time!

There's even a manual to help you get started, including full game
tutorials and a list of free/open-source resources for your games,
like sprites, sound effects and music.

The Premise

Everyone know that by far the Coolest Game Everâ„¢ is the one *you*
write, from that silly idea you had the other day to a playable game
you and your friends can enjoy.

This march, the SDL Perl team is going to help you take that project
out of your dusty drawer of "TODO"s and turn it into a reality, with
the "SDL Perl Game Contest!"

The rules are simple, and much like the Perl Ironman contest:

"One game per week. Every week of march."

This means by the end of march you'll have not one, but FOUR games to
show for. How cool is that?!

In fact, you can even make your weekly game the subject of your
Ironman posts this month, and take out two birds with one stone
(hmm... more game ideas)!

So this monday (feb. 28), start writing your game! You have until the
following monday to make it playable ("complete") and start all over
again with a brand new game for the next week.

** But what if I miss a deadline? What if I can't start this monday?

It doesn't really matter - just join the party and have some fun! Even
if you only get to do one game, it's still a great opportunity to
improve your skills and learn a bit about game design and development.

If you need any assistance writing your game, from ideas to code, WE
WILL HELP! Just send an email to the SDL Perl mailing list with your
questions (you know, this one) or, better yet, join us live in #sdl
over at irc.perl.org and we'll be more than happy to assist you and
try your game out. If you never used irc before, please keep in mind
people might be busy or in different timezones than you, so you may
get instant responses or have to wait a few of hours before you get a
reply. Be patient!

It can be a game about anything. Just make sure it's doable in a week.
Some games take years to be complete, but you might be surprised at
how much you can accomplish in just a few hours with SDL Perl :)

Oh, there's one extra rule, actually, and that's mandatory - HAVE FUN!! :)

Where to submit

Send your games code an all in an email to sdl-devel@perl.org with the
subject "SDL Perl Game Contest #1: Submission". After a period of entries
a voting subject will be opened. See SDL Perl Site
on how to join the mailing list.


breno (garu)

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