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SDL Perl Game Contest - week 2 roundup

Yes, I know it's already wednesday, sorry for the delay! The SDL Perl Game Contest continues - I should know, I'm about halfway through my third game now! - and last week we had some real nice entries. Check 'em out!

Wheel of Fortune, by Tobias Leich (FROGGS)

Who never yelled madly in front of the TV watching contestants make a fool out of themselves for not knowing the words in Wheel of Fortune? Well, now you can show them how it's done in this Hangman style classic! One note though: to play it, you must install the latest experimental version of SDL Perl, that includes rects with alpha blending and other goodies.

Snake, by JT Palmer (jtpalmer)

Another classic remake beautifully done by jtpalmer. This "nibbles" clone actually comes with a nice twist: a full-blown network version that lets you enjoy the game with a friend anywhere in the world. Sweet!

CyberHack, by Zach Morgan (zpmorgan)

CyberHack is a quick platformer demo by zpmorgan, our newest participant in the Challenge! In this game, you control a green creature that falls through a deep underground maze. It still has some minor quirks in the image blitting, but it's nevertheless really fun to play!

Synthesia Kinda, by Kartik Thakore (kthakore)

The Mad Canadian strikes again, in a dazzling... thing. It was originally supposed to be based in Synthesia, but kthakore envisioned a game that plays any image! Of course, as FROGGS put it, "you can't play a random image and expect that it sounds like mozart", but kthakore is determined to work on it even more, letting it flow until it find its course in game art history.

Reflex, by... me (garu)

This is a very simple game in which you test your reflexes by pressing any key on your keyboard whenever the big red button lights up. Your Top 20 times appear on the right. According to HumanBenchmark, the average reaction time for visual stimuli in a humans is 215 miliseconds. Are you faster??

This week's roundup of games showed some pretty interesting stuff, and we saw a lot of ideas come to life in a very short period of time. I can't wait to see the next entries!

See you next week =)

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