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SDL Perl Game Contest - week 3 roundup

Alright, boys and girls, it's the moment you've been waiting for all week: The SDL Perl Game Contest weekly showdown. Round. Three. FIGHT!!

Bubble Breaker, by Tobias Leich (FROGGS)

Our german battletoad presents us with another masterpiece. Bubble Breaker is a highly addictive puzzle game where you try to eliminate the largest number of balls by matching groups of two or more balls with the same color.

Puzzle Cars, by JT Palmer (jtpalmer)

Speaking of puzzles, JT did a really nice job in his latest addition to the Contest. Puzzle Cars is a game where you must click the arrows to redirect the (sometimes intense!) traffic to their appropriate destinations, according to car colour. It's an easy concept, but can prove very challenging, and soon enough you'll find yourself storming rapidly between arrows to achieve as many points as possible!

Crossfire, by Kartik Thakore (kthakore)

This was a really busy week for Kartik, and he had to spend much of his free time updating branches of the SDL Perl project and moving around, so he wasn't able to finish his Crossfire clone just yet. But so far it's looking really sharp, and we are anxious to see what he'll make of it next week!

Saving Sue, by... me (garu)

I wrote this Frogger clone as a birthday present for a good friend of mine that has the terrible habit of crossing the street without looking. I think the game turned out pretty cool and features some nice graphics, music and sound effects. In fact, my friend liked it so much she even recorded the audio samples!

As contestants dive into the last week of the SDL Perl Game Contest, I get even more excited to see what they'll come up with. Will there be new additions? Which games will be used as inspiration? Which will be original? Where *is* that Carmen Sandiego chick after all?! That and much more in our next - and last! - roundup of games!

See you next week =)

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