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SDL Perl Game Contest - week 4 roundup

Hi everyone! Sorry for delaying this post, it's been one hellish week...

Wow, 4 weeks already... can you believe it? I'm really sad this is the last round of the SDL Perl Game Contest - I guess time flies when you're having fun - but I'm also pretty excited to show you guys the awesome entries we had this week. Check'em out!

Electric Lines, by JT Palmer (jtpalmer)

JT does it again, providing players with a very challenging (and fun) piece! Electric Lines was inspired by Mario's Slides, a mini-game in Nintendo's Super Mario 64 and New Super Mario Bros., both for the DS console. Drag your mouse cursor to draw lines across the horizontal paths in order to guide the electric energy balls to the exit, but watch out: you can only hit the red circles three times!

Rand Explorer, by Blaise Roth (Blaizer)

This quick-and-dirty submission was born a classic. In Rand Explorer, you use the spacebar to control a white square through a colored tunnel. As you pick up speed, you must steer clear of the narrow walls and obstacles and prove your skills to travel the furthest. Awesome!

Groove Board, by... me (garu)

Groove Board is a music rhythm game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and StepMania. I'm particularly proud of this one since it was done in a single day! The gameplay is dead simple: just listen to the music and press the arrow keys when the scrolling arrows reach the top ones. Have fun!

Wrapping Up

Thus ends the very first SDL Perl Game Contest - and what a rush! We had a total of 16 new games written from scratch in just one month!! I'd like to take this opportunity and thank everyone that joined and wrote all those amazing entries, week after week. You guys rock!

Also, a big thanks to all of you that followed this one-month challenge, reading the weekly posts and playing the games. I had a good time and hope you guys had a good time too!

The Contest is over, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for the next one to turn your awesome game idea into a reality. Just install the latest SDL Perl distribution, read the fine manual and get cracking! If you have any questions at all just drop by the IRC channel (#sdl at irc.perl.org) or send them to the SDL Perl mailing list.

See ya =)

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