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Teh Handy MAn Plumber ( kthakore )

You may mistaken this guy for the project lead, but he just goes around duct taping stuff together. Sometimes it works some times it doesn't ...

Teh Web Guy ( FROGGS )

He breaks things and does web stuff.

Frenching Monk ( magnet )

Likes doing docs for some reason.

Blazing Sands of Fury ( Blaizer )

He is from Australia.

Western Zen ( JTPalmer )

One cool dood.

Bellowing Brazilian ( garu )

Oddly enough he sells onions.

Tipsy Orange ( acme )

He is tipsy and fast.

The artsy dadio ( ruoso )

He is an artist and a hacker. What more do ya want?



El 'Loco' Jefe ( David J Goehrig )

SDL Perl has been around for a while and the crazy hacker to start this was David J Goehrig. So here is a picture of him with some lasers ...

Mysterious Ninja ( TELS )

So surfing the mailing list of SDL Perl we found a pretty active SDL Perl developer till 2005. He goes by the name Tels. We would put his picture up but he is a ninja.

Evil French Genuis ( Guillaume Cottenceau )

After using his evil frozen bubble game to take of the minds of the worlds leaders, he has mostly disappeared (most likely to come up with his next evil plan).

The Windower ( Wayne Keenan )

The windower turns you blue. You don't know why.

mAd Yankee ( Chromatic)

He is a yankee, but he likes parrots for some reason.

Evil Horde

The horde is large, they have been identified on this super secret list.

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